Debbie Taylor recommends Unlimited Restoration Specialist, Inc.
a year ago

"The service and expertise that I was given were exemplary. I can say they were extremely professional, timely, and knowledgeable. I had a water pipe that broke in the master bedroom and it left 4 inches of water throughout the house. They did not do the water extraction, unfortunately. If they had I would not have had to deal with all of the mold issues. Wendy went right to work on assessing water damage and mold. She took care of all of the details keeping me posted on all the damages and estimates.I was having a great deal of difficulty in dealing with insurance adjuster and she took it over dealt with him like the true professional she is. When all the work was finished, I felt confident in starting the rebuild.Wendy is an exceptional person to work with and that is hard to find these days.. I give them he highest rating possible FIVE STARS. Debbie Taylor"
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